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Waupun Wisconsin

Recording Angel Sculpture By Lorado Taft

The Recording Angel Sculpture was the first sculpture that Clarence Shaler brought to the area. He commissioned his old friend, Lorado Taft, to create this sculpture in memory of his wife, Blanche.

recording angel sculpture

"The Recording Angel" is a larger-than-life sculpture of an angel presented as a woman with wings. The figure is seated and holding on her lap the Book of Life.
The sculpture is cast in bronze and is placed against a background of polished marble which is ten feet tall. It took Lorado Taft almost 2 years to complete the sculpture.

Recording Angel Sculpture By Lorado Taft

Recording Angel Sculpture

recording angle detail

clarence shaler's grave

"The Recording Angel" now sits at the head of the Shaler's grave, a tribute to 26 happy years of marriage.